On Monday, I made the travel arrangements for my work trip to Europe in June. Originally, they said we would be there 4-6 weeks. But they later changed that to a week (although there is the possibility that I could go back later in the year if more time is required for the project). So, Kara and I figured that we would add another week on to that for vacation. During much of that time we will be staying with Kara’s cousin Rebecca in Nuremberg, Germany. Anyway, I figured I would share our planned itinerary (we may add or subtract from this, but this is what it looks like right now).

6/18 – 6/19: Flying from Nashville to Manchester, England via Atlanta arriving just before 9am on 6/19

6/19: At work in Manchester

6/20 – 6/21: The latest info is that we won’t be working on the weekend, so we might take a train down to London on 6/20, we’ll see

6/22 – 6/25: At work in Manchester

6/26: First day of vacation; we will spend the day in Manchester

6/27: Taking an early train up to Edinburgh, Scotland for the day (returning in the evening)

6/28: Flying from Manchester to Nuremberg, Germany via Zurich, Switzerland

6/29: Visit Neuschwanstein Castle (and since we’ll be so close to the border we were thinking of crossing into Austria just because)

6/30 – 7/1: Spend two days showing Kara around Berlin, Germany

7/2: Visit Prague, Czech Republic (while I was in Germany, a number of people there insisted that I should visit Prague sometime)

7/3: So far, I am leaving this day open; since we’ll be in Nuremberg, maybe Rebecca will want to show us around Nuremberg or maybe we’ll do nothing, who knows

7/4: In the evening, flying from Nuremberg to Zurich; then 11.5 hour overnight layover till flight next day (there was no other option that didn’t cost way too much)

7/5: Busy day flying Zurich to Manchester, Manchester to Atlanta, and then Atlanta to Nashville


  1. Heather says:

    Wow you are so organized…

  2. Rebecca says:

    gosh I m so happy!!!! Can t wait to see Kara again and to meet Andrew! We ll be visiting the Castle with you and probably praque, but we can t make it to berlin – and of course Sali & I would love to show you N

  3. Linda Love says:

    Wow! That looks like a fantastic trip.

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