Today I traveled to Dallas, TX for work, but an interesting thing happened. As mentioned in my facebook status, I booked flights from “Nashville to O’Hare & O’Hare to Dallas/Fort Worth. I normally fly American Airlines direct to Dallas, but I had to use credit from an unused trip on United Airlines.” While I was waiting for the first flight, an agent at the gate desk called a couple names and mine was one of them. She explained that the flight was overweight. She offered to put me on a direct flight from another carrier(i.e. the American flight I would have taken) and give me a flight voucher. Who would say no to this (and was I selected randomly or do they think I am particularly heavy)? On other occasions I have experienced, when they have overbooked or are overweight the airline would want you to take their next flight that day, or in the case of my return from San Francisco in April, they offered to put you up in a hotel and take their first flight the next day (I was tempted to take that deal, but Kara wouldn’t have been happy with that decision). This one, however, was great in that it was all positive. My itinerary changed from having a layover to a direct flight, I got there 3.5 hours earlier, and I didn’t have to fly on a regional jet. Plus, there’s the free flight voucher. For my troubles, they bribed me with a voucher for free round-trip airfare anywhere in the contiguous 48 (well, anywhere that United flies). So, now I have the fun task of deciding how to use this voucher (which has to be used by 5/17/2010). Too bad I can’t use it for Kara’s airfare on our trip to Europe in June. I did have the idea that I could use it to fly somewhere interesting and add some states to my states visited list. That would be fun (perhaps not to Kara). Anyone have suggestions as to where to go?


  1. Heather says:

    This just made me laugh. I love your humor andrew. Let s see…as far as where to go…New York would be cool, just because I d want to see the church sites.

  2. Kara says:

    But that would cost more money! :)

  3. Mama Dawson says:

    I think you should let Kara use it to come on a cruise with her mother. :)

  4. Andrew says:

    The voucher is non-transferable to anyone else, so Kara could not use it to go on a cruise. She is going to Europe, which should suffice.

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