Kara and I returned from Europe this last Sunday. We were quite tired. I was busy with work this last week and have just now gotten all of the pictures posted. We had an incredible time. I think we were able to do and experience a lot. I felt that my mission in Germany gave me a small taste of Europe, but now I have experienced more of the variety that Europe has to offer. I was able to add to my coin collection. I have now 8 non-US currencies represented. It was wonderful to experience other cultures and we enjoyed meeting Kara’s relatives in Nuremberg. We were also glad to return back to our great nation as we were tired and wanted things to be back to normal (not to mention that living out of a suitcase gets old after a while).

Anyway, I uploaded the pictures into their own category in the gallery. Or if you like, here is a list of the individual albums:

Refer to my previous post and the map below for a summary of what all we did. Or you can read Kara’s blog posts that she posted while we were traveling (listed below).

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